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Introducing Glassiv's Blue Cut Gaming Series X Glasses – your ultimate partner for marathon gaming sessions. Designed to shield your eyes from harmful blue light, these glasses are essential for dedicated gamers. With 99.9% blue light protection, bid farewell to eye strain and fatigue. High-quality lenses filter damaging wavelengths while ensuring crystal-clear clarity. No-glare and transparent blue light coatings keep your focus sharp and gameplay immersive. Engineered for screen warriors, Glassiv's glasses elevate your gaming experience. Prioritize your eye health – choose Glassiv. Read more

Introducing the Glassiv Presented Blue Cut Gaming Series X Glasses, your ultimate companion for long gaming sessions. Designed to provide optimal eye protection and reduce harmful blue light radiation, these glasses are a must-have for dedicated gamers who spend extended hours immersed in their favorite virtual worlds. With a cutting-edge design and advanced technology, these gaming glasses offer an impressive 99.9% protection against harmful blue light radiation. Say goodbye to eye strain, fatigue, and headaches caused by excessive exposure to blue light. The high-quality lenses are specifically crafted to filter out the most damaging wavelengths while allowing essential light to pass through, ensuring a crystal-clear gaming experience without compromising visual clarity. Experience gaming like never before with these glasses' superior features. The no-glare coating ensures minimal distractions, allowing you to stay focused on the action-packed gameplay. The transparent blue light coating is a game-changer, eliminating any annoying blue light reflexes on the lenses. Enjoy an uninterrupted and immersive gaming experience without any hindrances. The Glassiv Presented Blue Cut Gaming Series X Glasses are specially engineered for gamers who spend significant time in front of screens. Whether you're a professional gamer or a casual enthusiast, these glasses provide the ideal solution to protect your eyes and enhance your gaming performance. Invest in your eye health and gaming experience with Glassiv. These glasses offer unparalleled eye protection and comfort, allowing you to enjoy your gaming sessions to the fullest. The stylish design ensures you look your best while conquering virtual worlds. Upgrade your gaming gear today and join the ranks of elite gamers who prioritize eye safety and performance. The Glassiv Presented Blue Cut Gaming Series X Glasses are the perfect choice for gamers seeking the best in eye protection, superior visual clarity, and uncompromising style. Order your pair of Glassiv gaming glasses now and experience the difference they can make in your gaming journey. Don't let harmful blue light hold you back – gear up and elevate your gaming experience to new heights!
Specifications Descriptions
Size This product is sold as Medium by the Brand
Ideal For Men & Women
Purpose Eye Protection
Lens Color and Material Black
Features Showdown gaming glasses
Frame Color Black
Model Name Showdown gaming glasses
Type Rectangular
Style Code G23-DG-SD-W
Frame Full Frame
Face Type Oval
Frame Material Acetate
Brand color Kratos Black
Pack of 5
Sales Packages This product is sold as Medium by the Brand
Secondary Type Over-sized
HD vision Yes
UV protection 99.9
Design Classic wayfare
Case Type Hard

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